Wednesday, 9 March 2016

... sick, sick, sick

Greetings to you all,

Just wanted to pop in to let you all know that I have not, in fact, fallen off the face of the earth. I have simply been unable to get time to do anything creative.

Alas, ALL of US have been sick. It started with our female dog Amber. We have found out that she has stomach acid issues, the poor little munchkin. She is now taking Pepcid AC twice daily and finally it seems to be working. We have had far too many late night vomiting sessions from her, thank you very much.

For myself, I merely ate something I should not have done and reaped the benefits of my own stupidity. That only lasted for two days.

Our big male dog has had some tummy issues of his own that fortunately resolved themselves in just a day.

And that brings me to my DH who is presently at home with a very nasty head and chest cold. Chicken soup being made in quantity.

I am hoping to get back into my craft room after I have disinfected the entire house. I am sleeping in our spare room in an attempt to remain as germ free as I can. He has been sick for about 4 days now and I am still OK at the moment. Fingers crossed.  :)

Have a great day, see you all soon. Cheers.

  ~ Melanie ~


  1. Dearest Melanie, I am so behind in my emails. But I was so sad to read that you were all sick. I have been praying for you, and I trust that you are all feeling much better. I look forward to seeing you visit your craft room and whip up some of your beautiful work soon! Hugs and love! xoxo

  2. Oh, my goodness, it's been a while. I hope you're not still sick -- you, hubby, and pooches. Sounds like March was a rough month at your house. Feel better!