Sunday, 21 September 2014

Justrite Stamps Cool Craft Storage Ideas Linky Party

JustRite_LinkyParty_2014_SEPT_Cool Storage
Good Morning blog friends,

I have been absent for a while as I was working on decorating my dining room and was so very fortunate as to have some dear friends visit for several days. As we live about 4 hours apart it was terrific of them to make the trip so I spent all my time with them.

The purpose of this post is to show a little bit of my crafting space for my organization. I am one of those people who likes everything to be in it's place, at all times. When I am working on a project, I pull out what I need but then put it away as soon as I am done with it. My craft space in our old house was TINY so if I did not keep things neat, I was doomed.

Here are some photos of how I organize things.
Probably like everyone else, I use a variety of markers when I colour. I keep my Tombow and other assorted ones in the unit on the left which my DH built for me. My Copics I keep in the storage unit on the right which is from Crafters Companion. It is fantastic. I like to be able the find the marker that I want without a lot of hunting around and this does the trick and I can add to the unit when I purchase more Copics.

I have been stamping for a long time and all my original stamps were wood mounted. A long time ago I decided to remove all the wood blocks and mount them all on EZ Mount cling foam (also from Crafters Companion) and I store them all in these binders which are labelled by category. I now find that since all the stamps I now buy are already mounted or are usually clear stamps, I prefer to keep them sorted by who makes them. The bottom shelf of this bookcase contains Iris cases in which I sort pattern paper by colour. the blue basket on the top shelf contains small 6" x 6" paper packs. The two blue boxes on the top of the bookcase house dies from various different companies, all kept in CD envelopes and filed by name. I keep Papertreyink dies in one box and all the rest of my collection in the second box. the little unit on the top holds spools of bakers twine and washi tape. The black books on the shelf on the right is how I keep my Spellbinders and Justrite dies.

Here is a close up of the books. I made them from heavy illustration board bought at Michaels. The panels are 20" x 30" so I got 6 sheets from each board. I used the magnetic sheets for making photo fridge magnets from the dollar store to line the pages and I stick in the dies. I used the Bind it All tool for the rings. I do have wonderful intentions to make a pretty decorative description on the left side of the dies but that has not yet happened. :)

I also do scrapbooking and have a collection of Cricut cartridges and other CD's etc that I use. They are stored in these Benno towers from IKEA. They all fit quite nicely into two towers and I am not planning to get any more of them.

As you can see from this photo, I have put bookcases, also from IKEA, back to back when you enter the room. That way I get a lot more storage with a much small footprint. This Benno tower houses other stamp sets in CD cases for easy access.

This is one of three storage cube arrangements. These are the Jetmax cubes that you can get all over the place. I got these at Michaels. This is where I do most of my die cutting and I keep all the plates for both my Cuttlebug and my Grand Calibre in the desk top holder. The drawers house all kinds of materials from Ink pads to tape runners, etc.

These small binders are the perfect size for the Justrite stamps. I bought them at Staples.

The clear Justrite stamps I keep in one of the two drawer cubes that has dividers in it. It is an easy way to keep them neat and easy to get at when I want them. I put them in the drawer alphabetically and have a list of my collection so I know where to find them.
I have a table in the centre of the room, which is not huge at 9' x 14' and that is where I usually work. Anything I want is a single step away. Thanks for joining me today. See you soon. Cheers, Melanie


  1. This is AWESOME Melanie! Your room is perfectly put together. Don't know if I will ever get there and WISH I was as good about putting things up after I create. Thanks for sharing with us at JustRite Inspiration ;-)

  2. Your room is so organized. I love all the storage units you have.